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TOEFL Training in Marathahalli, Bangalore by RIA classroom offers students an inventive approach to learn TOEFL in Bangalore. With experienced TOEFL proficient trainers and advanced lab Facilities to practice TOEFL, students can finish TOEFL training on real time situation. Our TOEFL Training institute in Bangalore is appraised as one of the Best TOEFL Learning Centre on Google. Training philosophy utilized for directing TOEFL course incorporates simplicity of understanding TOEFL ideas, most recent examples in TOEFL classes and real time down to earth introduction. This guarantees students settling on TOEFL training in Marathahalli, Bangalore get value for money. Our TOEFL course content is organized to cover all ideas under TOEFL Training

Below is the detailed course content for TOEFL Training

Test of English as a Foreign Language course contentCourse Duration 40 Hrs

Orientation to the TOEFL ibt

  • Guide to TOEFL-Test Pattern FAQ’S Ibt Registration Resource Centers ,Scores Calculation
  • Review of TOEFL Sections-With Quizzes and Glossaries

TOEFL Reading Test

  • Reading-Prompts, Problem -True/False ,Vocabulary, Terms, Inference ,Reference,Details,Paraphrase ,Purpose,Cause ,Opinion Insert, Exception,Classification ,Summary
  • Reading Strategies-Preview ,Read Faster ,Use Context ,Make Inference ,Skim and Scan ,Make Connections,Summarize

TOEFL Listening Test

  • Listening -Prompts ,Conversation: Purpose Detail Inference Pragmatics Lecture:Main Idea ,Organization Details Technique ,Yes-No,Connections
  • Listening Strategies-Get Organised ,Preview ,Use Visuals, Read Screen Test Understand Context,Concentrate

TOEFL Speaking Test

  • Speaking -Prompts Problems, Experience, Presences, Reports, Summaries
  • Speaking Strategies-Anticipate the first Question,Support your answers , Understand the task ,Pronounce to communicate,Sound Confident,Read 135 words per minute,Adapt Notes, Pace yourself ,Prepare Key Phrases,Use Verbal Pauses ,Correct Yourself , Speak to the criteria for evaluation,Stay Positive

TOEFL Writing Test

  • Writing-Prompts,Problems ,Synthesis of Opposing Ideas ,Synthesis of Supporting Ideas, Opinion, Argument
  • Writing Strategies-Integrated Essay: Report,Identify Sources,Make Connections, Include a variety of Structures ,Edit your writing.
  • Independent Essay: Respond to the Topic ,Be direct ,Concede the Opposing View ,Use an Outline Sentence ,Think in English ,Write a Strong Conclusion

Pretest – with Explanatory Answers

Progress Test -With Explanatory Answers
Academic Skills with Activities

  • Taking Notes
  • Paraphrasing
  • Summarizing
  • Synthesizing

Practice Tests
Individualized Review

Best TOEFL Training institute in Bangalore

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  • Experienced and Certified trainers
  • Practical and Theory training
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