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Web designing has always been one of the most lucrative career options since it offers a higher salary, promising growth in career and a challenging job role. Ria Classroom offers a top-rated web designing course in Bangalore to help young people to choose a bright career path.

You cannot think of a business without a website these days. A site is the first and foremost requirement of a company to take their first step in the digital world. With the flexibility to update content minutely and opportunities to integrate with digital, mobile or print channels – one of the most efficient ways to collect and share information, promote the brand and initiate community actions.

Ria Classroom near the conjoint of Marathahalli and R.T. Nagar offers young adults fruitful web designing training in Bangalore to pursue their career in web design. After successful completion of our courses, you will be able to design business on the internet and help in creating their digital presence.

About Web Designing Courses in Ria Classroom

Our web designing courses are based on real-world projects that demonstrate practical applications on web designing tools and concepts. We help our students to understand the practices meant and used for thoroughly.

We ensure global standards teaching and web designing training in Bangalore so that our students can match up to any scale and standards. From regular training schedule to practical appearances – we cater all the needs to groom our students in all the aspects.

Be Job-Ready with the Top Web Designing Training in Bangalore

Our web design course in Bangalore is designed in such a way that after completion of the course, our students can get a job in an instance.

Get an overview of our course modules before you choose.

Our web designing course in Bangalore includes all the programming languages required for creating a website along with designing tools.


  • Introduction to HTML
  • HTML Documents
  • Formatting HTML Documents
  • Hypertext Links in HTML Documents
  • Special Effects in HTML Documents
  • DHTML Basics
  • Working with Style Sheets
  • Setting Dynamic DHTML into Action
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Basic Syntax
  • Control Structures
  • Writing Functions
  • Working with Arrays
  • The Document Object Model
  • Events Handling

Adobe Flash

  • Introduction to web design with Flash
  • Flash interface
  • Drawing and editing tools in Flash
  • Create symbols and manipulate their instances
  • Import optimised images into Flash
  • Understand basic animation principles
  • Flash timeline
  • Create motion, path and shape tweens
  • Simple frame-by-frame animation
  • Movie clip
  • Masking
  • Button and movie clip behaviours
  • Complex animated scene
  • Site planning and implementation
  • Rollover buttons with sound
  • Navigational components in a Flash movie
  • Publish and post a Flash movie online


  • Writing PHP scripts, PHP code structure, add comments within your code.
  • Boolean, integer functions
  • Numbers and mathematical 0perators
  • Working with strings, concatenating strings, functions for strings.
  • The syntax for defining constants,
  • Differences between variables and defined constants.
  • PHP error handling and debugging
  • If – else conditionals, comparative and logical operators
  • Using HTML Forms, PHP form handling, GET and POST method, form validation
  • Use of Do-Wile Loops
  • For and for-each loops
  • Creating Numeric (indexed) Arrays and Associative arrays
  • Accessing, modifying and traversing array elements
  • Creating multidimensional arrays
  • Creating and using your functions with or without parameters, calling features, the return statement, recursive functions
  • Variable scope
  • Using GLOBAL and STATIC variables
  • Insertion of the content of external files into a PHP file
  • File handling with Fopen
  • File upload
  • Exploring folders
  • HTML forms
  • Connect HTML forms with PHP
  • UNIX timestamp, set and get time values
  • Date time and date time zone classes
  • Sending E-mails
  • PHP MySQL Introduction, database structure, tables. MySQL naming rules, and the column’s data types.
  • Using MySQL object-oriented (MySQL Improved) to connect to the MySQL server.
  • SQL to create a database and tables
  • PHP MYSQL – insert into
  • PHP MYSQL – select, order by
  • PHP MYSQL – where and like
  • PHP MYSQL – update
  • PHP MYSQL – delete
  • MYSQL aliases and functions
  • SQL joins
  • SQL views
  • OOP – classes and objects
  • OOP – creating classes and objects
  • OOP – constructor method
  • PHP OOP – accessor and destructor methods
  • OOP – constants, static properties and methods
  • OOP – inheritance, class extends
  • OOP – final classes and methods
  • OOP – abstract classes
  • PHP OOP – interfaces
  • Functions with an object and array arguments
  • Syntax and structure of an XML document. XML and DTD (Document Type Definition)
  • XML documents with PHP XML DOM
  • Simple XML functions to edit and modify XML content
  • PHP – sample application development
  • MVC – overview

Adobe Photoshop

  • Introduction to Photoshop cs5
  • Photoshop’s Environment
  • Sizing Images
  • Selecting Image Areas
  • Layers
  • Blending and Compositing
  • Image Modes
  • Colour and Painting
  • Text, Layer Effects, and Filters
  • Adjusting Images

Adobe Dreamweaver

  • Introduction to Dreamweaver CS4
  • Creating Your First Website
  • Designing with Tables
  • Creating a Site Using a Template
  • Creating Online Forms
  • Libraries, Assets, and More Time Saving Tools
  • Creating a Website with Frames
  • Rollovers and Other Image Tricks
  • Designing with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Creating Precise Designs Using AP Elements
  • Behaviours
  • Adding Audio, Video & Flash to a Page
  • Working & Editing with HTML Code
  • Publishing & Managing Your Website

Angular JS

  • Using angular-seed
  • The pieces of the puzzle
  • Two-way data binding
  • Directives
  • Model, View, Controller from the AngularJS Perspective
  • Single Page Applications
  • Creating Angular Modules
  • Routing Basics
  • Accessing URL Data
  • Using the $location Service
  • Creating a Skeleton Single Page Application
  • Controllers
  • Managing Scope
  • Setting up Behavior
  • Building a basic controller
  • Models
  • Explicit models
  • Implicit models
  • Expression capabilities
  • The border between expressions and $eval
  • Standard filters
  • Scope lifecycle
  • Scopes as the glue between controller and view
  • Scope hierarchies
  • Scope and events
  • Angular forms vs HTML forms
  • Angular form controls
  • Form events
  • Form validation
  • CSS classes for form data
  • Ajax, Data, and Angular
  • High-level interactions with servers
  • Low-level server interactions with $http
  • The deferred/promises API
  • Binding text and attributes
  • Directive processing lifecycle
  • DOM Processing
  • Compilation
  • Linking
  • Directives and scopes
  • Creating reusable directives
  • Turning directives into components
  • Testing in Angular
  • Unit testing
  • Working with Dependency Injection
  • Other unit testing issues
  • End-to-end testing
  • Angular’s E2E testing framework
  • Commands and expectations
  • Running a scenario

Outcomes of Our Web Designing Course in Bangalore

After completion of the course, you will be able to:

Develop your strategy to create a fast, accessible and optimised website.

Design, create and manage the content and structure of websites with confidence.

Manipulate the look and feel of your web pages.

Who Should Attend Our Web Design Training

Small business owners, creative professionals, and anyone looking to build an online presence, or those who work in marketing or communications and are responsible for websites. So, join our web designing course in Bangalore and brush up your current skill and knowledge to become job-ready.

Why We Are Considered Amongst The Top-rated Web Design Training Institute in Bangalore

  • Trained and educated 2000+ students.
  • Proven experience in the training industry.
  • Certified faculty members.
  • Both theoretical and practical training.
  • Flexible scheduling and timing.
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